Orange County Choppers:3D Printer Create custom motorcycle

↓ OCC 3D Prints a Head for its Dragon Bike

3D printing of this technology in these few years, there have been more and more application opportunities, many industries are trying to think about how to apply the technology to carry out industrial innovation.


In the U.S. many units are also efforts to introduce the technology to promote the industrial upgrading. Recently in the United States there is a use of 3D printing to create a handsome motorcycle case appears.

3d printer Dragon Bike

Orange County Choppers (referred OCC) This home is located in Orange County in the United States dedicated to creating custom manufacturer of motorcycle for a living. They received orders from the Chinese mainland, in order to manufacture a golden dragon-themed motorcycle.


The complex structure of the entire body, if you use the traditional way to make it, will spend a lot of time. They decided to invoke the 3D printing technology for the production of innovative, to help them improve the overall manufacturing capacity.

Gold faucet part, is the use of 3D printing technology complete. They used by Stratasys 3D printing equipment manufacturers produced Fortus 400mc coupled with our familiar 3D Studio Max to design. Then the completed drawing input to 3D printing machine output is completed, the assembly to the vehicle body is completed.


Using 3D printing technology was quite satisfied with the outcome, because the production of faucets and body, in the past need to invest quite a lot of equipment and manpower to produce. Now just to the 3D printer, you can make the next one workflow.

This case allows us to see another 3D printing application space. 3D printing technology can indeed help to get a jump locomotive manufacturing transition opportunities.

Think about it, if the locomotive can be customized feasible, it would be a big business opportunity too!


The use of 3D printing machines Fortus 400mc, according to the company’s data show, this machine can use 9 kinds of materials.

  1. ABS-ESD7 for static dissipation
  2. ABSi for translucence
  3. ABS-M30 for great tensile, impact and flexural strength, and environmental stability
  4. ABS-M30i for biocompatibility
  5. PC for superior mechanical properties and heat resistance
  6. PC-ABS for the highest impact strength, plus the mechanical properties and heat resistance of PC and the surface appeal of ABS
  7. PC-ISO for biocompatibility and superior strength
  8. PPSF for highest heat and chemical resistance
  9. ULTEM 9085 for best mix of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties


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